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New York Hotels Manhattan--The Popular Choice

When most people hear New York, they think Manhattan, so if you are planning a trip, New York Hotels Manhattan are probably foremost in your mind. New York is an extremely big city, and Manhattan is only one expansive part of it. In fact, Manhattan is so large and contains so many things that it is divided into specific regions or neighborhoods to help make it more navigable. Where you choose to stay—which neighborhood—basically depends on your personal preferences. Where you will be most, what your budget is, and what tourist attractions you would like to visit all can play a part in the decision-making process.

New York Hotels Manhattan: The Neighborhoods

Manhattan is essentially divided into ten neighborhoods, and there are great New York Hotels Manhattan in each one. For those unfamiliar with the area, Upper West, Upper East, Midtown West, Midtown East, Murray Hill, Garment District, Flatiron-Gramercy, Chelsea-Meat Packing District, SoHo-Tribeca, and the Financial District are the various neighborhoods. Each one has its own focus and attractions, making all of them unique and interesting.

If you are looking for the most choices, the Midtown West area is your best bet because it has over forty hotels. Midtown East and Murray Hill both have around twenty hotels, and Chelsea Place is the neighborhood with the fewest options. However, depending on your main concern, the area with the most choices may not be your best option. For example, the Midtown area probably has some of the most expensive hotels in the Manhattan area, while some of the less popular neighborhoods like Chelsea Place and Gramercy may offer you better deals.

The Internet is a great resource for specific hotel information. You can easily find out details about hotels, compare prices, and even make reservations without spending much time calling around or driving from place to place once you get there.

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