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New York Hotels Times Square: Fun, Fun, Fun

If you are planning a trip to New York for New Year’s Eve, locating New York hotels Times Square is something you should seriously consider. Everyone knows that New York is the location of serious New Year’s festivities and celebrations. As the holiday draws nearer, the city becomes host to more and more visitors all ready to have some serious fun ringing in the New Year. Many of the most famous tourist locations become extremely crowded, and hotels get booked well in advance. So, if you are brave enough to try to visit the city during this peak time, you need to start planning early.

Considering New York Hotels Times Square

One of the first things to think about concerning New York Hotels Times Square is that it is extremely convenient and the perfect location for watching the famous ball drop. Ever since September 11, security has been significantly heightened for this event and it is extremely difficult to get into the Times Square area. If you want a prime spot, you really need to arrive at Times Square in the morning on December 31. If you arrive later in the afternoon, you will probably be able to get in the general vicinity, but you will definitely be far from the center of action.

Those lucky enough to have a hotel room in Times Square will be able to avoid all these difficulties. By showing proof of your hotel room, you will be admitted to the street where your hotel is located at all times during the day, so even if you leave to go sight-seeing, you can return to your room around 6:00pm, 8:00pm or even 10:00pm, go out on your balcony and be in a perfect spot for all the festivities.

However, it is important to remember that this prime spot and convenience will seriously cost you. It is likely that all hotel rooms in the New York area are more expensive during this time because it is a peak season, but hotels in Times Square are going to be among the most costly. If you are hoping to find a cheap hotel, your best bet is to forgo the prime location, book a room well outside the city limits, and arrive at Times Square early in the day.

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