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Las Vegas Strip Hotel

If you are visiting Las Vegas and want to be right in the big scene, consider a Las Vegas Strip hotel option! Why would you get a hotel all the way across town when you can enjoy your nights under the famed neon glow of the vacation powerhouse that is Las Vegas? If you like being right amidst all of the hustle and bustle and fun of where you are, then you should look into the Las Vegas strip. A room next door to Circus-Circus amusement park, across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center and Sands Expo, and a mere casual walk from The Riviera, Stardust, Sahara, and Stratosphere casinos: could you possilby name a better location than the famous Strip?

Las Vegas Strip Hotel Life

Is there really that much to do with a Las Vegas Strip hotel? You better believe it! With such a centralized location, you can save your travel money from transportation around the vast Las Vegas for much more memorable things, like the hundreds of stores and shoppes to lose yourself in. Or, if you are one to “roll the dice,” in more than one sense of the phrase, then you could try your luck at all of the casinos surrounding you on all sides. In addition to that, your dining will be satisfied by the unrivaled variety of the breath-taking Las Vegas Strip. With over 100 restaurants on the strip alone, you can pick and chose any taste you wish lying just outside of your door, not to mention the numerous restaurants in the lush Las Vegas Convention Center, such as: Ghandi, Hilton Steakhouse, Marrakech, Paradise Bistro, and many more! With the stores, the casinos, and the restaurants practically at your doorstep, the Las Vegas Strip hotels will definitely allow you to have Las Vegas at your fingertips.

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