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Las Vegas Hilton

Have you ever wondered just what the Las Vegas Hilton has to offer? Well, we’re here to fill you in! The Las Vegas Hilton encompasses a vast 80 acres of vacation bliss, ranging from the simple things, such as a 27” television equipped with a convenient wireless keyboard for on the spot TV internet connectivity, to the finer things in life, like the multitude of elegant restaurants just a short stroll away from your room. The Hilton’s 30 story splendor houses a magnificent 3,174 rooms and suites for you and yours to take advantage of, catering to your every whim with a first class, 24-hour room service staff. Sound perfect? It gets better! Not only does the Las Vegas Hilton have all of these wonderful features, but it rests only one block from the world famous Las Vegas strip!

Fun at Las Vegas Hilton

Now that you have heard all about the particulars, it’s time to find the fun at Las Vegas Hilton! What makes Las Vegas famous? The first things to come to mind should be something like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Slots, and the list goes on. Well, if you have come to find some fun casino action and care to beat the odds, the 67,000 square foot in-house casino that the Las Vegas Hilton hosts should definitely catch your eye. Not only having what may initially come to mind, the Hilton is home to some of the most exciting games of Pai Gow poker and Big Six wheel in the west! Maybe the casino scene isn’t your thing. Maybe you are looking to just kick back and relax. Look no farther than the impressive 8 acre rooftop recreational deck aloft the fabulous L.A. Hilton hotel. With year-round heated pools and spas, private cabanas for the Hilton’s guests, six fully lit tennis courts, and a 17,000 square foot health spa, one would be hard pressed to find something the recreational deck does not have to offer! Of course, everyone needs some fine dining to round out the perfect day. The Las Vegas Hilton finds itself home to renowned restaurant masterpieces such as the Bistro Le Montrachet, Andiamo, the Garden of the Dragon, and the exquisite Benihana Village. With all that the Las Vegas Hilton has to offer, what reason is there not to join the 2.5 million yearly satisfied guests and partake in the magic!

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