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Rent GameZnFlix - Here's How!

Deciding to rent GameZnFlix is a no-brainer. . .especially if you love DVDs and games but hate those steep rental rates the video stores charge! I was fed up with shelling out fifty bucks or more every month to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. I just wanted to know - isn't there a cheaper way to rent movies and games? Then I heard about this site called They let you rent your favorite DVDs and games for a flat $18.50 a month, and they never charge late fees. . . not even if you keep your movies all month! It sounded good, so I had to check it out for myself!

So here's what happened. . .I surfed over to for a first hand look! Right away I scrolled down their F.A.Q. page to see exactly how things worked. And in a nutshell, GameZnFlix has exactly the kind of deal I've been wanting. . . without any of those nasty tricks that burned me on video stores. For instance, GameZnFlicks never charge late fees. . .ever! And their basic membership package lets you rent any combination of three DVDs and/or games at a time for a flat $18.50 a month. With their fast shipping, you can easily go through 15 or month titles every month! And to sweeten the deal, GameZnFlix says your first two weeks are free!

Save and Rent GameZnFlicks!

After reading the F.A.Q., I was ready to rent GameZnFlicks and start saving! The first step was to sign up and become a member. The site makes joining simple. . .first you click on the "Start Free Trail" button beside the big mailbox on the homepage. That takes you to a page where you create your login name and password. So far so good! Now you're ready to type in your name, address, and credit card info. But remember - the first two weeks are free with GameZnFlix. So don't expect the first $18.50 charge on your credit card til well past that two-week period!

When you registration's all finished, it's time to start renting DVDs and games! The site has everything divided into categories to make finding things easy! For instance, say you like comedy movies and want to check out what's available. You'd just click on "BROWSE MOVIES," click on "COMEDY," then scroll through the huge list of comedy DVDs in stock. Make your choice and click on "RENT" beside the movie you want. . .that's all there is to it! Make two more choices and you're done! You can expect your first batch of three titles in three to five business days. Watch 'em, return 'em, and start all over again! It's that easy!

And now's the best time to try them out as they have the lowest prices of the year. Click here to get a 2 week free trail on the GameznFlix basic plan. It's just $17.25 per month if you like it and want to continue after the trail. Or you can try their best deal which is 14 months prepaid for only $222. That's only $15.85/month for 8 DVD's & games at a time! Either way, you'll be happy.

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