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Gameznflix vs. Netflix: New vs. Established

GamezNFlix vs. NetFlix is possibly the biggest competition in online DVD rental services. NetFlix has basically been the dominant power, with a longer history, larger customer base, and greater popularity. However, “established” is not always better than “new” and all great companies have to begin somewhere, gradually building up a strong reputation. GamezNFlix is one of the emerging giants that is giving NetFlix some stiff competition as its customer base is growing by twenty to forty percent a month. Look at what each company can offer to see if the newbie can compete…

GamezNFlix vs. NetFlix

Probably the biggest difference of GamezNFlix vs. NetFlix is that GamezNFlix has decided to broaden its product by offering game rentals in addition to DVDS. As a result, GamezNFlix has a selection of 28,000 titles of games and DVDs, while NetFlix has a slightly smaller selection of 25,000 DVDS—and no games. Because of this important difference, GamezNFlix has the ability to appeal to a larger number of consumers—those interested in movies AND games. This feature also allows GamezNFlix to mimic more closely the set-up of traditional movie stores.

Although NetFlix does have quicker delivery times, offering one to three day deliveries for most locations, GamezNFlix offers slightly lower prices for all of the various plans. As the number of allowed rentals at a time increases, the GamezNFlix savings increase in comparison to NetFlix, as well. Therefore, although GamezNFlix’s small number of distribution centers can slow its delivery times, it makes up for this minor inconvenience with a more affordable service. Ultimately, it just depends on what is most important to you. For some, the long reputation of an established company is everything. For others, a dramatically growing customer base is enough proof of good service. Some need the speed of next day delivery, while others need all the financial savings they can get. Regardless of where you stand, these companies are vying for your business.

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