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Manage Your GameZnFlix Rentals - It's Easy!

Ready for a quick lesson in managing your GameZnFlix rentals? The entire GameZnflix website is designed to make online renting easy. And believe me, it's a lot more fun than waiting in a ten minute line at Blockbuster! So let's recap. . . you found the GameZnFlix website, you liked it, and you became a member. Now it's time to learn the finer points of renting DVDs and games online from GameZnFlix. Here we go. . .

First thing, always log in so the site will recognize you as a member. You'll instantly see an important change on the site's homepage. In the page's upper right area, there'll be a large box that reads, "MANAGE QUEUE." This is where you keep track of your DVD and game rental choices. Every time you click "RENT" beside a movie or game, the title will appear in the inventory of the "MANAGE QUEUE" page. Each title will have a priority number based on the order you selected it. So let's say you have 12 DVD and game choices listed in your personal "MANAGE QUEUE" page. The priority numbers tell you the order that GameZnflix will ship them to you. . .three at a time. You watch the first three, send 'em back in the prepaid envelope, then GameZnFlix sends out your next three choices!

GameZnFlix Rentals - Fast and Convenient!

It's no wonder GameZnFlix rentals are so popular. They're designed to be super fast and always convenient! Now let's talk more about your "MANAGE QUEUE" page. You've made your first three choices, and now you're entering more titles into your "QUEUE" list for future shipments. But what happens if you click "RENT" by a video, but then change your mind? That's no problem at GameZnFlix - the "MANAGE QUEUE" page lets you revise your rental list as many times as you want until it's just right!

To remove any title from the "MANAGE QUEUE" list, mark the "REMOVE" box by that title, then click the "UPDATE QUEUE" bar you'll find below the list. Instantly, the title you don't want is removed! Easy - right? Now you can leave the list as is or add as many new titles as you want. When GameZnFix receives your first three choices back in the mail, they'll immediately ship out the next three titles on your "QUEUE" list. And with GameZnFlix, shipping is always free. . .both ways!

Okay. . .end of lesson! Now who wants to rent some movies?

And now's the best time to try them out as they have the lowest prices of the year. Click here to get a 2 week free trail on the GameznFlix basic plan. It's just $17.25 per month if you like it and want to continue after the trail. Or you can try their best deal which is 14 months prepaid for only $222. That's only $15.85/month for 8 DVD's & games at a time! Either way, you'll be happy.

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