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GameZnFlix Movies - Why Rent Online?

The internet has been buzzing about GameZnFlix movies, and with good reason! If you're a DVD junkie, you can kiss those back-and-forth trips to Blockbuster bye bye! Some of us like to watch a lot of DVDs every week. . .but we don't like those trips to the video store! And what if you can't return your movies on time. . .then you get slapped with a late fee that's gotta be paid before you can rent again! No thanks! If you've been considering renting your DVDs online but just wanted to find the right company, then I've got good news for you! I heard about a site called where you can rent all the movies (and games!) you want for just $18.50 a month. And the first two weeks are free!

It all sounded great, so I had to check it out myself! Here's what I found. . .GameZnFlix really does make Blockbuster and all those other videos stores obsolete! At Blockbuster you'll pay $3.79 plus sales tax for every DVD you rent. That's over $12.00 if you pick out three movies! Renting just 3 DVDs a week at Blockbuster, you can burn through nearly fifty bucks a month. I don't know about you, but that's a big bite out of my wallet!

GameZnFlix Movies - Rent Online and Save!

If you're fed up with those super expensive Blockbuster DVDs, renting GameZnflix movies is a way to save big! Since I've signed up at, I can rent up to three DVDs at a time for just $18.50 a month. . .and the first two weeks are free! If you're more into video games, you can pick three top games for systems like Playstation 2, Xbox or Nintendo. You can even mix it up with two games and a movie or vice versa!

And here's the best part. You can keep the movies as long as you want with no late fee! GameZnFlix only charges a flat $18.50 a month, so it's up to you how many DVDs and games you rent. When you want your next batch of three titles, you return your movies in the postage paid envelope GameZnFlix supplies - then order the next three DVDs or games you want! And GameZnFlix ships fast go you can easily go through 15 or more titles a month. . .all for just $18.50.

With all that going for it, I guess you can see why I joined up with GameZnFlix. Now I'm spreading the word so my friends will do the same!

And now's the best time to try them out as they have the lowest prices of the year. Click here to get a 2 week free trail on the GameznFlix basic plan. It's just $17.25 per month if you like it and want to continue after the trail. Or you can try their best deal which is 14 months prepaid for only $222. That's only $15.85/month for 8 DVD's & games at a time! Either way, you'll be happy.

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