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GameZnFlix Company

GameZnFlix, Inc. (OTCBB GZFX) fka Point Group Holdings, Incorporated, a Nevada Corporation, was founded in July 2002 and commenced operations at that time. The company’s business model was to purchase small to medium size business in need of capital and management. During the period of July 2002 until September 2003 PGHI acquired two companies, AMCorp Group, Inc., a Nevada Corporation and Naturally Safe Technologies, Inc. also a Nevada corporation. In late September 2003 PGHI acquired, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company.

After this acquisition the direction of PGHI changed its focus on the Online Video Game Rental industry and building not only the Video Game, but DVD Online Rentals as well., LLC was formed as Limited Liability Company in April, 2002 in Santa Clarita, CA and operations commenced in June of 2002. We currently provide approximately 400 subscribers as of December 22, 2002 with access to a comprehensive library of over 1200 plus Xbox, Playstation 2, Playstation, and Nintendo Gamecube titles. Our subscription plans allow subscribers to have 2-6 titles out at the same time with no due dates, shipping charges or late fees for $18.50 to $39.95 per month. Subscribers can enjoy as many titles as they wish during their subscription time. Games are selected via our website via the queue system that we have developed internally. The games are shipped by first-class mail and can be returned to us at their convenience using the enclosed prepaid mailer. When a game has been returned, the subscriber's next available selection is mailed to them.

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