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Gamezandflix: A New Choice

Online renting of video games and DVD’s has another ally with Competing with other online rental companies, this site adds to the reasons why you never have to leave the house. Just go online, browse thousands of new and classic titles, add them to a queue of selections, and they’ll be in your mailbox in a couple of days for as little as $17.25/month. When you mail back a selection, they send you the next one on your list right away. You can also choose to buy the title.

No late fees, buy or rent, relatively small price - seem too easy? It just may be. A fourteen-day free trial and options on how many rentals you can have out at one time make this site very convenient, but the more you have out, the more expensive the monthly fee becomes. And don’t forget to cancel the free trial if you change your mind, because you will get stuck with a charge on the credit card you provided at sign up if you wait more than two weeks. Then there is the question of money that you have to ask; is the convenience of having movies and games sent to you automatically worth a seventeen-dollar price tag?

Gamezandflix: Searching

Gamezandflix has a simple design, is easy to navigate and most items are easy to find. However, one of the searching tools could use some improvement. The alphabetical index at the top of the browsing pages does not offer a way to find movies that begin with numbers. You may search by genre to get those to show up. Another complaint is that the “Rent” and “Buy” buttons can be confusing. They are equal distance between titles, so it’s easy to forget which button goes with which title.

If you can get over a few structural quirks, you’ll enjoy a great selection of both video games and DVD’s that are sure to keep your thumbs sore and movie trivia sharp for months to come.

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