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Is Gamesznflix worth it?

Most people may scan over the Gamesznflix page and think, “$17.25 a month for video rentals? That sounds expensive!” But is it really? At your local video or game rental store the price for renting a new video release runs about $3.00 – and you are only allowed to keep the video for about three days. Old releases run about the same amount of money, but you are allowed to keep them for one week.

If you are like most people, you grab a video or two on Friday night to keep over the weekend. If you rented two videos each weekend for a month, you would be paying in the neighborhood of $24.00 per month – even more if you were late in returning your movie, which is quite easy to do in the rush of everyday life. The figures are similar with video games.

The Gamesznflix Advantage

In contrast, with Gamesznflix there are no lines to wait in. No crowds to fight. You never will experience the frustration of driving all the way to the video store for a specific video only to find every single one already rented out. You can rent as many videos as you want per month - from 3 to 8 at a time, depending on your membership plan. The price remains the same. This includes game rentals. No more leaving a game halfway through because you have to return it. You can keep the videogames as long as you want – days, weeks, or even months at a time.

If you rented 2 movies a week for a month with Gamesznflix the total would remain $17.25. And as mentioned earlier, there are no deadlines to remember. As soon as you return at least one game or video, you get another shipped to you immediately off of a list you create. The math is clear – Gamesznflix alleviates the worry of due dates and late fees while saving you a lot of money in the process.

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