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Games And Flicks

What do games and flicks have in common? Together, game and DVD/video rentals have created the multi-million dollar video rental industry. From its beginnings in the late 70's when video cassette rentals were a consumer novelty - to today's rental landscape with thousands of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores dotting the map - game and movie rental is big business. But now the monopoly of the big video rental chains is being challenged. . .and the customer is the winner!

Here's the big news in game and movie rentals for the 21st century - online game and movie rentals! Right away, online rental sites elminate two of the biggest disadvanges of the neighborhood video stores: (1) Late fees and (2) Round trips to rent and return every game and movie. It's estimated that the average customer can spend betwen $1.00 and $2.00 in gasoline to both pick up and return his movies or games. Combine this with the threat of late fees and the already-high $4.00 per title rental fee, and it's easy to see. . .neighborhood video stores are far from a bargain!

Want to Save on Your Games and Flicks?

If you want to save on your games and flicks, online rental is the way to go! And two high-profile sites are currently dominating the online game and DVD rental business. . .GameZnFlix and NetFlix. At first glance, the two companies share many advantages for the consumer. Both offer a free two-week trial period, and both offer a large library of DVDs and games to choose from (with GameZnFlix's 28,000 titles edging out NetFlix's 25,000 titles). Both offer rentals of three titles per transaction with free to-and-from shipping and no late fees. But GameZnFlix's $18.50 monthly membership fee can save members nearly $48.00 annually when put against NetFlix's $21.99 monthly fee, so out vote goes to GameZnflix.

Apparently, Blockbuster Video is feeling the heat from these online sites. . .so much that the chain has launched its own monthly membership plan. But the Blockbuster deal lacks the two-week free trial of both GameZnflix and NetFlix. Instead, Blockbuster offers a membership sign-up of $14.99 which goes to $24.99 by the second month - making their plan more expensive than both GameZnFlix and NetFlix. So overall, we recommend GameZnFlix as the best consumer value.

And now's the best time to try them out as they have the lowest prices of the year. Click here to get a 2 week free trail on the GameznFlix basic plan. It's just $17.25 per month if you like it and want to continue after the trail. Or you can try their best deal which is 14 months prepaid for only $222. That's only $15.85/month for 8 DVD's & games at a time! Either way, you'll be happy.

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