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Dell Dude New GameZnflix Spokesman

"Dell Dude New GameZnFlix Spokesman" is the official word from the online rent site They verified that Ben Curtis, the actor who played Dell Computer's "Dell Dude" in tv commerials, has signed to represent them in an upcoming advertising campaign.

The addition of Ben Curtis as the media face of GameZnFlix, a rental service for DVDs and games, should be a definite asset for the company. Curtis was able to raise the profile of Dell Computers to an all-time high through his popular series of television ads, and GameZnFlix obviously hopes he can increase public awareness of their online service.

It's Official - Dell Dude New GameZnFlix Spokeman

"Dell Dude GameZnflix Spokeman" may prove to be very good news for the internet rental site. Cutis, a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, helped Dell Computers enjoy dramatically improved sales as his comical tv ads caught the public's attention. And while Curtis has been out of the public spotlight for the past two years, he just completed his first starring role in a major motion picture - teaming up with Vincent Pastore of "The Sopranos" in the action thriller "Spy."

This renewed focus on Curtis may prove to be a case of perfect timing that also benefits GameZnFlix. Whatever the outcome, the public will soon to able to cast their verdict as Curtis begins a new media campaign to tout the benefits of GameZnFlix's DVD and game rental service. At a time when GameZnflix is trying to grab the spotlight away from online rival NetFlix, Curtis might just prove to be the company's ace in the hole.

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